How We Deliver

“Flexible delivery models to suit your business.”

We design optimal models for customers based on their specific workflows, strategy, requirements and previous project experiences, At the start of our relationship, we’ll analyze your organization’s capabilities and expertise, and recommend an optimal engagement model from one of the following:

Fixed Cost
Suitable for small and medium scope projects that have well-defined requirements. If you have a clear set of requirements, budget and time constraints; this type of model works best.
Time and Material
Suitable for long term projects with changing requirements and unclear scopes, this model gives customers better control over project management. The customer takes on the responsibility for scope related risks and the quality of deliverables.
Hire a Virtual Team
Suitable if you want to have dedicated team with complete day to day team management control, or to add more manpower to own in-house IT/development team, or to have access expertise beyond your national borders and in-sourcing knowledge.
Partner a Product
We are not just vendors, we like to extends our relationship to partner products together.